Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WEEK 14 December 26, 2011

So how is everyone doing since I talked to you all....yesterday?:) I'm doing really good...still. Sorry that yesterday was a little hectic. The life of a missionary:) I'm really glad that I got to talk to everyone. Here is something I forgot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MONICA! Oh my goodness! I'm so happy that you were born. I'm also so happy that you are my sister. I love you, seester. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS SHARAY!!! I can't believe how old you are now. My babies are getting so old:(

Christmas here in Ottawa/Gatineau was great! I really couldn't have asked for a better 1st mission Christmas. Really. Jaclyn and J I got your presents last night from my District Leader. You guys are amazing! J I can't believe you tied all 6 million of those knots by yourself! The Cd's were much needed, I'm pretty sure you read my mind on that one. Jaclyn you always send the best things, I'm wearing the socks as I type this:) Monica...I think the Canadian post sacrificed your package, JK. I'm sure it is either in Montreal or will be soon. After I talked to you last night we met some people from our district at Parliment and it started snowing again! Surprise! It was a lot of fun.

So as a missionary we have the pleasure of visiting less actives. In the Gatineau ward we have A LOT! There is one woman we visit about once a week named Josephe. Josephe was baptized about 6 months ago and just needs a little bit of help.....She came from Haiti with her two boys and is trying to go to school. Everytime we visit her we always start with a song. So, if you know me at all you would know I laugh at the most inconvenient times. Well...let's just say Haitians are not very good singers. Really. So we're singing "The First Noel" only it doesn't sound like it. No. It sounds like something much more painful. Josephe is singing "No-ELLLE NOEL! NOOOOEEEELLLE!" And this is the part where I'm trying to think of every sad thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life so I WON'T die of laughter. Oh Haitians. Also, another Haitian fact: they ALWAYS sound angry on the phone, but almost never are. I don't understand it. If I was going back to doTERRA I wouldn't be afraid to take any phone call now.

We have been teaching this lady from Iran named Nikki. Nikki is great. She doesn't actually speak French so we teach her in. Very. Slow. English. Very. Slooooow. We were worried when we first met her because she wouldn't tell us her religious beliefs. We were worried that she was Muslim, because teaching Muslims is a "no no" in the CMM. But she told us she doesn't like Muslims because they are too pushy. So who knows....Since her native language is Persian she has been reading the BOM and is crazy about it. She told us she hasn't read a book in Persian since she left Iran. She told us that she wants to get baptized because she trusts Jesus. She said "I don't know why, but I trusting this Jesus. I think he's a good man. Not like other men." Love Nikki. This is the part where I petition for prayers. My companion and I have set a goal for 2 baptisms before January 31. This is kind of a high goal, especially for Canada, but I honestly feel like it can be done. We have so many investigators like Nikki who are teetering on baptism. We need your prayers, not just for the goal, but for helping this mission become a baptizing and converting mission. If there is anything you could do for me it would be to pray for those two baptisms.

This week I was reading Enos and I was so touched by that brief little chapter. I love that he says " And my soul hungered, and I kneeled down before my Maker and I cried unto him mighty in prayer and supplication for mine own soul." I have felt this way a lot on my mission, both in the MTC and here in Canada. My soul has hungered for the comfort that only our Savior can give us. After hours of fervent prayer the Lord speaks peace to Enos and tells him that his sins are forgiven, and from that moment all Enos wants is to preach to the Lamanites to bring peace to them as well. This is the part where I committ you again to read the Book of Mormon and highlight every time the Savior or Heavenly Father is mentioned. If you accept this "engagement" (French) email me and tell me what day you plan to finish and then I will follow up with you. Why? Because I'm a missionary. And also because I promise this will change the way you feel about the Book of Mormon. Like brother Tad R. Callister said in General conference "this book is either from God or it's not." Challenge accepted? Email me:)

I'm so glad I got to hear your wonderful voices yesterday! I love you all like a Quebecquoi loves poutine:) Canadian humor:) So funny. Everyone be safe! Read your Scriptures! Say your prayers! Eat your veggies! Scatter Sunshine! Je vous aime!!!

Bisous Bisous!

Soeur Sabrina Perkins

p.s. No-eeeel! NOEL! NOellleeee! Oh my entire life:)

1968- Ignore the fact that I look hideous in this picture...This is me and Sista Sandoval in Montreal!!!

1969-The Baker's on Christmas Eve! I love these people. Brother Baker is a hoot!

1974- Isn't Parliment amazing! P.s. that is Elder Meza and Elder Leon (my dad and brother, tee hee)

1986- I know, I know, I'm very festive. Seester Pace and I...oh and snow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 13: Joyeaux Noel!

Bonjour! How is everyone doing? From your emails it sounds like everyone is really busy! Short concise, scattered emails:) But I love them all the same. Before I forget Merry Christmas!
Today we are driving to Montreal for our zone Christmas party with the Cannon's. I'm pretty excited, since I've only really be in Montreal for a total of 12 hours. For Christmas Eve we will be spending it with the Baker's. I'm really excited because the Baker's are like Grandparents to us. They are so sweet! Then Christmas Day...well we'll let the ward figure that one out. Everyone has been fighting over who gets to have us over. As far as Christmas phone call.....I'm thinking it will be after 2 your time. I may just call to tell you when I'm calling:)
Last week Sister Pace and I were driving to Ottawa to go on splits with the Sisters in Ottawa. As we were driving we saw a sign that said "Best Quality Leather Garments in Town." We really wanted to stop and take pictures, because honestly church headquaters needs to hear about this:) Kidding. But when you're a missionary you really only have gospel jokes. For example, last night we were at a dinner appointment with a family in our ward. They have a son who was supposed to come so there was a place setting set but he never came. The mom said something about how we waited and waited and he never came. That's when I turned to Sister Pace and said "It's like we're waiting for Elijah to come." Oh so funny. I bet you all miss how funny I am. I know Sister Pace thinks I'm hysterical....I know I think I'm hysterical.
I was with sister Ariiotima in Ottawa. Ottawa is the only area in our mission that everyone really speaks English. The problem is Sister Ariiotima doesn't speak English. So I'm saying "Hi" to EVERYONE and NO ONE would say hello back. Welcome to Ottawa. We walked by Parliment and I smiled at this Haitian and said "Hello!". He stopped and started talking to us. I kept trying to tell him who we were and what our message was but all he kept telling me was "Girl, what are you doing tonight?" "Preaching the Gospel." "No, no, no, after that." "Everyday. All day. From 8-9:30 I preach the gospel." He didn't believe me. Afterwards he gave me his number and told me to look him up on Facebook....I don't know if it's worth it.
We had our baptism with Josie this week and it was beautiful! Josette (yes) Josie's mama gave an amazing talk about the baptismal covenant. It was really touching because Josie had some non-member family there and I know they all felt the spirit. The whole thing was great! Josie's uncle Winsor came to church the next day and told us we could meet with him after the holidays.
I really hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas! Sorry my email was scattered and crazy....maybe it's because I know I'll be talking to you in 6 days!!!! I love you all!
Bisous Bisous
Soeur Perkins
Pic above: Sometimes I'm really funny. Really though.
1949:Josie's baptism! I love this little munchkin!
1937: Sister Ariiotima:)
1936: I look funny in this picture, but that would be Parliment in the background.
1926: This is Jaden. The child I'm going to kidnap before I leave Canada. Isn't he the cutest pie?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 12: Seigneur j'ai tant recu, je dois aussi donner.

(This was taken before she left but this is what I like to think she is doing, haha.)

Hello hello! how is everyone doing? I'm doing really well. Your letters are amazing! Keep them coming! Everyone seems to be doing awesome.I know that the Lord is blessing you. Mom and Dad you are too much! I got that package and I looove my sheets and blanket. Really. You are the best! I'm sorry it cost an arm and a leg to send it but I can promise you it's going to good use.
This week is very exciting becauseI will have my first baptism on Saturday! Her name is Josie and she is in a part member family. Her parents are from Haiti her mother, Josette, is incredible and she has helped her daughter so much as she has prepared for her baptism. Josie actually speaks english and she loves the Beebs. She actually reminds me a lot of Sharay. I'm really excited and kind of nervous, because well I've never been in charge of a baptism before.
This week we did a lot of contacted, which I'm not very good at. When people say no thank you I'm usually like "Okay. Next!". My companion said that wasn't okay, so she's been making me be more pushy. Well...the other day we were contacting in an apt building and this lady opened her door. As soon as the door opened a horrible ordor leaked out. It was incredibly bad!!! Like every bad smell in the world was congregating in her house. So we go through our door approach and of course she says "No!" and I can barely choke out "pourquoi?" and then I turned my head and took a huge gulp of air. My comp lost it. In front of this lady! Needless to say. We are not going back:)
So everyone has been wondering about the weather. Surprisingly, we don't have snow yet. It's snowed but it hasn't stayed. It's been cold, but bearable. Also, my companion is great! I only get annoyed when she stops talking during a lesson and makes me struggle through with my cave man French. My favorite is when people say "You can speak in English." Most of our investigators are from Africa. Yeah. We kind of stopped talking to most Canadians. Don't judge us, it's just that the immigrants are waaaaay more receptive.
So, this week my comp and I visited a less active recent convert named Silvano Kirika. He's a refugee from the Congo and was baptized in March. He hasn't been to church in a long time. So we set up an appointment to meet with him and he wasn't home when we got there. So we called and he said "Oh I'm so sorry! I forgot and I'm out running errands. Do you think you could meet me at the mall?" We ran around and around trying to find this man and had about 15 minutes left until our next appt. We toyed around with the idea of telling him we couldn't make it. But in the end we decided we really needed to meet with him. When we finally sat down we could see instantly that something was not right. He looked exhausted and there was so much pain in his eyes. He immediately started telling us about his wife who is stuck in the Congo, the governement won't let her leave because of the war. He told us he has been praying so hard to find work because right now his job forces him to work every Sunday. My heart was aching the entire time I was talking to this man of incredible faith. We talked for a little while longer and then I felt prompted to promise him that he would be able to attend church again with his wife. Tears welled up in my eyes and his and he told us he felt a peace he hasn't felt in a long time. We said a prayer in that crowded mall and I poured my soul out to Lord begging that this man would be blessed in broken and almost incomprehensible French. We told him we would stay in contact and then went to our next meeting. That night I started to write the whole instance in my journal and I couldn't help but cry. This man has incredible faith. And even though he said we helped him, I'm more convinced that he helped me. My eyes are welling up even as I'm typing this. I don't know at what point it happened but I have a deep and profound love for the people I have met here.
Family it's almost that time again. I get to call home on Christmas so I'm planning on calling around 2 or 3 our time, which would be 12 or 1 your time. I'm excited to talk to you all! I also have a small selfish Christmas wish. Do you think Jordan could conference in or that I could talk to him for like 5 minutes or something? That would be a really good present:)
Okay since I'm a missionary I'm going to leave you all with a commitment. When I arrived in the CMM Pres. and Sister Cannon challenged us to read the BOM and highlight in yellow every time God or Jesus is mentioned. They gave us those paperback BOM that you cand get for a couple of dollars. This experience has changed my view of the BOM. I love what I've learned from doing this. In this last general conference Elder Tad R. Callister said "this book does not merely claim to be a moral treatise or theological collection of insightful writings. It claims to be the word of God, every sentence, every verse, every page." So this is my commitment for you for the new year.
I love you all. Really. If you thought I loved you before you better believe that I love you even more now. This is God's church. The Book of Mormon is true. Have a beautiful week and remember that tout ira bien!
Bisous Bisous
Soeur Perkins
P.s. Congrats Adrienne on your call to the Quezon City mission! I love you girly!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 11: I'm Officially An Awkward Missionary!

Hello everyone!
This has been a really crazy P-day! We've been running around all day like chicken's with our heads cut off. But all is well. So if I don't have time to write letters please don't hate me:(
So last week my companion had to go on splits with some sisters that were having problems so I had to be Senior Comp! It was super scary because I had to Canada! I was not prepared for that. But we survived, so no worries:) Just so you don't worry mom there isn't snow yet so it wasn't even dangerous. Oh but we were driving in Ottowa....enough said:)
Last week we met one of our investigators who lives in Ottowa, we didn't actually have too much hope for the situation. When we got to their apartment the door opened and three small children began attacking my legs. The smallest one was like a little monkey. After we were able to pry the children off the parents sat down and we sang a very sad version of "I am a Child of God" then the parents shooed the children to the back room to play. We started the lesson a little nervous that it would end badly. George (the father) asked a few questions about the priesthood. After we were certain we lost him,he said "I'm going to pray and if God tells me to get baptized in your church my wife and two oldest children and I will all get baptized." We sat there a little stunned because George is a very faithful and sincere man. Please pray for the Abojdi family. We love them so very much!
We also met with another family last week. Sister Pace actually taught them when she was here in Ottowa a year ago. The family is from Barundi(sp?) and they are amazing. The mother swung the door open and gave us great big hugs and bisous bisous. Then this is where sister Perkins became a real missionary(my awkwardness level was at an all time high)...the father walks into the room and comes up to give me a big hug. So I give him a weird arm hug thing and he looks at me like I'm nuts. All of the while sister Pace is just laughing at me. So rude! I was mortified.
Our ward mission leader is a little crazy. His name is Frere Oula and he is from the Ivory Coast. I'm pretty sure every time he says my name he says it differently. Soeur Purk, Soeur Peking, Packing, Per, Purking. Also his watch has a picture of his face on the...face. It's really bizarre.
Mom and dad I sure love you. Really. Thank you for everything you have done to help me get to this point. I always tell our investigators (i wish you could meet all of them, even the crazy ones) how awesome my family is. This week I read the talk by Elder Hales from this last conference and he said "We may not know when or how the Lord's answers will be given, but in HIs time and His way, I testitfy, His answers will come...Let us not give up on the Lord. His blessings are eternal, not temporary." I testify that I know this to be true. The Lord will never let a prayer go unanswered. Remember you Lord, because He remembers you. Go to the Lord with all your worries and he will make your burdens light. I love you all so much!
Bisous Bisous!
Soeur Perkins
p.s. Dear J, Yes. The Canadian mail system is terrible! Be patient. You're the best!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 10: Oh Canada

(Note: There was no week 9 letter because that was her travel day to Canada and since she called home there was no time for e-mails.)

How is everyone doing? First off, Happy Birthday to little Miss Gabrielle! I hope you got my card:) Also, I hope everyone had a really happy Thanksgiving. Mine was actually really good, more on that later.
So, first of all I'm serving in the Gatineau area of Ottowa French speaking which is about 3 hours away from Montreal. The first night we were here my trainer drove past the parliment building in Ottowa and I almost cried. It was insanely beautiful! I wish I had pictures to show you,but we have a car which doesn't allow for many photo ops. My trainer's name is Sister Pace, she is from Texas and she is a total nut case. In a good way. I really love her. She is a really good missionary and I hope one day I can be more like her. In language skillz and also in proselyting skillz:) We've already shared a lot of laughs and we're getting increasingly better at singing opera in the car to our appointments. Monica you should be so proud.
On Thanksgiving we had a service opportunity it was really incredible! Potentially one of the best Thanksgiving's of my life. We were able to serve in the Ottowa mission, which is a hospice/shelter for men in the Ottowa area. I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous about serving in a shelter for men, but they were all so kind. And not in a creepy way, but I knew they were genuinely greatful. We were able to help prepare and serve dinner. Everyone who came through was so grateful and I actually teared up a couple of times because I could feel the sincerity. I was so grateful for the entire experience.
Later that night we met a family from our ward. They reminded me so much of your old fashioned Italian family except for they were French. But they were great! They made us feel right at home and they kept asking over and over "You come to our house for Christmas?" They REALLY want us to come:) Let it be known that our entire ward is amazing! I really lucked out. The Relief Society president is from Brazil and she has already been so great at helping us out. The ward is thrilled to have us because they haven't had sisters in Gatineau in 10 years! It's kind of a lot of pressure, but I'm excited to see what will happen.
We have a lot of investigators in this area....and a lot of crazies. Last night Sister Pace and I had a lesson with this investigator the Elder's left named Jasky. He. Was. Crazy. He was from Haiti(most of our investigators are from Haiti). We walked in and he was super nice, his wife was nutty and pretended like we weren't there. Anywho we started talking about the BOM and the priesthood and that's when all hell broke loose. Literally. He started to tell us that we were being led by a false prophet yadda yadda yadda. After a while I just stopped listening and concentrated on not laughing, which was hard. But finally Sister P told him we had somewhere to be and we left. While we were leaving he said he hoped we could be freed from our evil prophet or something nutty and gave us back our BOM. Needless to say it was a success...oh wait. It wasn't. But in his prayer he prayed that I would be saved, but not Sister Pace. Hahaha, hooray!:)
We have a not crazy investigator, named Daphney. She is also from Haiti and she is married to a member. They are really great. We're just a little nervous she's getting baptized because of her husband and not because she actually wants to. They have a little baby named Jaden and I'm pretty sure I'm going to kidnap him. Jaden is like a little haitian cabbage patch baby. I love him so much.
The other night after our lesson with Daphney we were getting in our car and sister p saw this lady walking by at like 200km (I'm so french canadian) and she starts booking it after her. The lady was like "I'm late for work, but if you want to walk with me I would love to listen to your message. So we did. And I was trying so hard not to laugh, because we looked ridiculous. But she did give us her number and said she would like to know more. Well see:)
I miss you. A lot. But today and at least for the moment I know that I am where I'm supposed to be:) I have my moments, but for the most part I am doing really well. Thank you for your prayers. I need them. Don't worry I pray for you every day. I am so certain that the Lord answers our prayers. Read the talk from this last conference about the Power of Prayer. It's amazing! I know there is so much I could say, but I'll just leave it at that. Thank you for allowing me to have this once in a life time opportunity. I know it's the best thing for me. Sorry this email is weird and don't worry I'm going to get the hang of this communicating through emails and letters thing soon. Also, anyone who wrote me last week, I will be writing you this week! I love you! Can't wait to talk in 3 weeks!!!
Je vous aime!
Soeur Perkins
P.s. could you make sure J gets my emails when I send them, he said he hasn't been getting them. Thanks!
1849- My favorite Elders. Really. Love their guts. (Picture at the beginning)
1866- The district that does their laundry together stays together.
1870-Elder Corbett, Frere Corbett's little Brother, who is pretty much my best friend:)
1907- President Zimbleman my branch president who was incredible!
1913- I don't think we could get any better looking:) Love Elder Bequette and Adams!!!
1918- Sister Pace and I eating some Poutin it's a traditional Quebec meal:) It was so salty!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New address!

Sabrina's new address is:

Sister Sabrina Perkins
470 Rue Gilford
Ste 300
Montreal, QC H2J1N3

Write her, send her packages or e-mail her at!

Week 8: Last week at the MTC!

The night she was set apart with her cutie niece Sofia.

Can you believe that this is my 8th week in the MTC??? I can't! It's gone by so quickly! First off, sorry to everyone who read my Debbie-Downer email last week. So not cool on my part. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Fia! I love you, Pookie! Keep an eye on your mailbox for a little birthday fun:)
Last thursday a very happy thing happened called we finally got our travel plans!!!! I will be flying out of the SLC airport on Tuesday November 22 at 7:30 a.m. Which means I have to be at the MTC travel office by 4 a.m. No big deal:) I literally jumped up and down when I got my travel plans. It was quite a happy day. Mom and Pop that means I will be calling you sometime before 7:30. I'm thinking around 6? I guess just be prepared to be surprised. To everyone else, I wish I could call each one of you to tell you that I love you and that you are the best, but I've been asked to only call my parents home. However, if you happen to be there at 6 am (eh-hem Monica) I would love to say "Bonjour!".
Also, I think some of you have not been getting my letters on time. Boo! I think there has been a letter monster going around the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, you have recieved your letters by now. If not know that whoever writes me usually will get a response the next week. So I really hope your letters aren't getting lost in the mail. Booo!
Last week, as you may recall, I was having the pity party of all pity parties. But don't worry about me, I'm over it. I talked to Frere Corbett and he said this "Hermana your Spanish is really good. I knew a sister when I was serving in Montreal and her Spanish was worse than yours when she got there. But now she has perfect Spanish. If you see her tell he I said "Hi", but don't tell her I told you her Spanish was bad." It was a really good reminder for me it made me think of Exodus 4 when Moses is talking to God about how he can't go gather the Israelites because he is slow of speech, and then God rebukes him and says, "Hey Moses! I promised you that I would help you! Now go gather the Israelites!" I know it will all be okay. Or as the French say "Tout ira bien."
In the MTC you prepare a talk each week, without knowing if you will really be called on to speak or not. It's kind of like the Price is Right. Well this week they called on me. I was really happy that I was so prepared because when I heard "Sister Perkins, come on down!" (dramatic rendering) my heart really started pounding. I actually felt pretty good about my talk. I know it wasn't perfect, but I know it was my best. One thing I wish I could've changed was this weird habit I have to say "N'est pas?"(Is that not right?) frequently when I speak in French. The branch presidency said it was endearing I think that's a nice way of saying "It was strangely adorable." Oh well, n'est pas?:)
This is the part where I share my irreverent moments....okay some of them. So every Saturday night we have workshops, this week our workshop teacher must've forgotten or something, because our workshop was to look up scriptures on random topics. He was walking around and he came to our group who was already slap happy and he said "So, God sent prophets to restore the gospel in every dispensation. Adam, Noses...." Guess who couldn't not keep it together. Guilty. I proceeded to laugh for the next 3-5 minutes. He just kind of ignored me and kept talking. I'm sorry, but he said "Noses".
This week I was studying in Alma 48-49 about the Moroni and the Lamanite invasions. I really love these chapters. I really love Moroni. Through this chapter the Lamanites continue to be "exceedingly astonished" because of the preparations that Moroni and his army took to fortify their city. And in verse 23 in 48 it says "And in their weakest fortifications he did place the greater number of men; and thus he did fortify and strengthen the land which was possessed by the Nephites.' I know that the Lord is sending angels to fortify His children in their weaknesses. I also know that through sincere prayer we can overcome so many of life's challenges. Even Spanish and French.
I hope you are all well and so happy. This is a gospel of JOY! Make sure you remember that "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy!" This is a beautiful season of Thanksgiving and rejoicing because the Savior promised us he would come and he did. He promised us He would suffer our pains and afflictions and He did. J'aime mon Sauveur et Redempteaur, Jesus-Christ. Have a beautiful week! Smile! The next time you get an email from me I will be in Montreal!
Je vous aime!!!!
Soeur Sabrina Perkins

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 7: 2 Weeks to Go!

Bonjour toute le monde!
How is everyone doing? We're surviving here at the MTC. I can't believe that we have less than to weeks to go here. I'm supposed to be getting my travel plans this Thursday! So, I'll let you know next week when I'm supposed to fly out. This has been an absolutely crazy experience, with plenty of highs and lows. But as the hymn says, "All is well."
Last week we had 25 new arrivals in our zone and 8 of them were sisters! This is the largest the French zone has been in a long time. It's been really fun watching all the little guys come in and seeing them go through the exact same struggles and trials I had when I got here. We just keep reminding them that the MTC goes by in the blink of an eye. Hahaha, sidenote one day one of our Elders was talking about how the weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks and Frere Corbett said "and two years go by like a dream." Then the room got really quiet because no one was quite sure if he was being serious. This is probably not even funny, but it was just so poetic that nobody knew he had it in him.
I know I've told you all about my wonderful and goofy district. We've started a new tradition it's called "Four Square Friday!" And basically it's the best thing that's ever happend to us. Sometimes we ask our teachers if they think we're nuts, because honestly sometimes it feels that way. They always say, "No!" But I'm pretty sure they don't mean it. But anywho, you should all know I'm terrible at four square and basically the only reason I ever move up is because someone else gets out. Last week I told my district that it was okay because four square is a game of hope and you're not permanetly a loser:) Also it should be documented that while walking back to the MTC my companion Sister Waldron had an epic face plant. You may think that I'm being insensitive but she literally falls EVERYday! We have rules as far as what she can and can't do.
Dad, this week I was talking to Elder Leon, who is also heading to Montreal with me, and he was telling me that before he left on his mission he was talking to a brother in his ward who told him he had a mission companion who's daughter would be serving in the Montreal mission. Elder Leon forgot until he got to the MTC and saw my name on my desk. And then he forgot again. But yesterday we were studying and he looked up and said "Hermana! I have to tell you a story!" He told me that the Brother's name was Bill Arnold and that he was companion's with an Elder Perkins in the Buenos Aires, Argentina mission. I thought that was a pretty neat coincidence. Elder Leon is a really great missionary! He's been helping me a lot with my Spanish.
Speaking of Spanish....yesterday I started my spanish lessons with Frere Corbett. I'm not going to lie it was pretty terrible. I said everything in French. I felt really discouraged afterward. And I'm not going to lie I still do. I went the good portion of the day feeling less than adequate to the challenge. It's much more difficult than I ever thought it could be to switch between three languages. Last night we had coaching missionary study with Frere Starita, he asked me how I was doing and I poured out my soul to him telling him I was beyond frustrated because I can't speak Spanish, French and now even my English is suffering. Lucky for me, Frere Starita is one of the kindest souls I have ever met(he even started to tear up), in that moment he knew exactly what to say to help ease my worries. He pulled out his scriptures and read to me the story of Christ walking on the water. He said Peter wanted to badly to be like the Savior he tried to walk out to him just as the Savior was walking towards Peter. But Peter lost his focus and tried to do it on his own. Frere Starita reminded me that I'm not supposed to be doing this on my own. And I know that's true. I know that I'm not expected to speak these three languages with perfect clarity and grammar. After our Oprah moment I apologized for being such a baby and Frere Starita said "Oh it's fine. I have a fiancee." Haha, he is such a silly little guy.
Sorry if this email is a little scatterbrained I'm trying to sift through my French and I'm not sure everything even makes sense, but oh well c'est la vie. I miss you all, a lot. Remember that I love you, remember that the Savior is aware of you. And as my favorite hymn says "And we hear the desert singing, Carry on, Carry on, Carry on." Promise me you will. Because everytime we are faced with a trial that is just the Lord drawing us nearer to Him. Have a beautiful day! Eat some pumpkin treats for me!
Je vous aime!
Soeur Perkins
p.s. There is a beautiful French lullaby in the the French hymn book called "Souvienes-toi". If by some miracle you find a recording of it you should listen to it. I've already decided that I will be singing that song to my children someday.
p.p.s. I love you!:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 6: This weekend had it's ups and downs....

November 1st, 2011

Bonjour ma famille et mes amies!

Comment ├ža va tout le monde? This has been, once again, a crazy week here in the MTC. I can't believe tomorrow it will be exactly six weeks since I entered the MTC! I feel like time is flying!

This weekend had it's ups and downs. Another one of the missionaries from our district went home to take care of some things. It was Sister Hinchcliff. I love that girl. oodles and oodles worth. Even though it was really sad to see her go we all felt at peace knowing that it was the Lord's will. Because Sister Hinchcliff left, her companion is now my third companion. Yes, a TRIpanionship! It's a little bit more difficult in some aspects to have two companions but really nice in others. Sister Waldron is a gem. She also went to BYU before the mission and basically she makes me laugh all day. Last night for example in our companionship prayer she blessed our petit-amies(boyfriends) instead of our amies de l'eglise(investigators). I'm sure you all know me well enough to know I laughed at that for a about five minutes.

So, like I said we're coming up on our sixth week mark, and boy is it showing. There comes a point in our day where our district gets really slap happy. Fere Corbett had to take us on a walk last week, because we could not control ourselves. We try, but I think being in the same place for six weeks has really started drivining us insane. I always ask Fere Corbett if he thinks we're crazy and he always says "no!" but I know he really means yes.

On Sunday we had the best surprise ever in Relief Society, Sister Elaine S. Dalton came and spoke. Sister Dalton has so much power! She is truly a servant of the Lord. This week I've been thinking about how uncomfortable I have been this whole MTC experience. I've had to speak in a language I really don't know, be more outgoing, teaching investigators without really having an understanding of what they're saying, there's just so many awkward things that happen that it is hard to even put it into words. But I realized that through all of these really uncomfortable experiences I have been able to grow so much. One of the first things Sister Dalton taught us was that this principle is true. If we want to become like God he will help us grow, and it will be uncomfortable. So, if you are going through a trial or feel like things are just not right remember that, that is our Heavenly Father helping you to become like Him.

Also, with being uncomfortable, I have never been so exhausted in my life. Really. Mentally, physically, spriritually. Really! But as tired as I feel I have never been quite so happy. This really is the Lord's work. And I'm beginning to understand why the Lord's servants are so happy they are in the work of saving souls, just as the Christ and just as the Father. It is a happy work! This last week I continued my study out of Alma and I was reading in Alma 17 about how the Lamanites bound Ammon and took him to king Lamoni. Lamoni asks Ammon why he is in their land and I love what Ammon says (even after being bound with cords) "Yea I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea and perhaps until the day I die." After this experience Lamoni's heart is softened towards Ammon because he understands that Ammon has pure love for his people.This scripture is such a testimony to me that the people I teach will have to know that I love them really and truly, and once they understand that they will be able to accept the Gospel.

One of my favorite things that happened this week was, Sister Ellsworth and I were walking by the cafeteria where they have walls of pictures of missionaries from all around the world. There was a picture of two Elder's knocking on a door in Samoa and they were both wearing lava-lavas. Sister E. looked at me and said "Imagine if WE had to wear skirts everyday!?" I thought she was being sarcastic so I gave her one of those "what did you just says?" kind of looks. And then she said "No wait. Imagine if we were guys. Then imagine if we were skirts everyday." I'm still perplexed by this comment. My companions are really the greatest. We have our moments of utter chaos when we can't keep it together, but I'm so greatful for these two sisters.

Thank you everyone for your letters, packages, love, and support. Missions are hard, but they are so worth it. I know life can get really difficult but don't turn back, turn to the Savior because only He knows how to succor His people. You are His and He loves you eternally. This gospel is true. The principles are eternal. Don't forget that. Remember to be happy and find joy in the small moments because those are what gives us strength in life's trials.

You are always in my prayers.

Je t'aime toujours,

Soeur Perkins

P.s. I sent Israel a letter but it came back. I must have the wrong address:(

P.p.s. Mom I loved the skirt, but it's about three inches too short:( So I will send it home today.

p.p.p.s. I love you!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 5: I can't believe it's almost been five weeks!

Bonjour! Ma famille et mis amies!
Comment ca va tout le monde? Bien, j'espere. This has been a crazy week. As usual. It wouldn't be the MTC if it wasn't.
But first to answer your questions dear mother. The food: Umm let's just say I will be really happy when I'm in Canada and can eat real human food. It's not so bad. I eat a lot of salads and cereal and carbs:) I'll survive. But if you feel obliged send Iron Girl bars!:) My (estimated) Departure date is: November 21! It's scary and exciting all at the same time. Health: I've been pretty healthy thus far. I did have a cold a couple of weeks ago and that wasn't too fun. But I'm doing pretty well:)
I can't believe it's almost been five weeks! Only 17 months! That is sad. Boo! But I still have loads to learn, ie French, not laughing when someone says "Cher Peleste" instead of "Cher Pere Celeste" during a prayer. It's a strange feeling knowing I've been here for over a month. Somedays I'll be walking to class and see other groups of missionaries and think "Hey! It's the missionaries!" and then I realize "Hey! That's me!" It's a very unreal feeling.
Yesterday we had a PVL(Parle Votre Langue) day where everyone only spoke French. Man. We are practically fluent now. I'm certain that all these grammar rules we have been learning our so unnecessary, we got along just fine congugated everying in present tense first person:) Kidding! If anything I realized how terrible my French truly is, but oh well. I do have hope because everyone's English is getting worse and worse. Here are some things said in our classroom this week that is proof of this.
-"Why did you wear your hair today?"
-"We will preparate you for baptism."
-"Let's engage him to go to church."
-"Do you have any opo-shun to teaching tommorrow?
-"This will change your life dramastically."
Yes. It's true. We can't speak French or English. It seems like the longer we've been here the more slap happy everyone gets. We are very, VERY easily entertained. Like puppies in a pet shop.
Last week during P-Day we were writing letters in our classroom and the fire alarm started going off. We all shuffled outside to stand in the parking lot. I kept thinking "if this building is on fire, shouldn't we be standing as far away as possible?" Then they shuffled us to the field across the street. It was so neat! Massive chaos of Elder's and Sisters who were trying to figure out what was going on. My district met up with the rest of our zone on the field. It was epic. Do you understand how epic this was for us? We spend 16 hours a day in the same classroom. Standing in the field for no reason was like elementary field day. EPIC! Then my DL Elder Adams and I started playing a game called "What were you doing when the fire alarm went off?" We saw: an elder in a bathrobe(don't worry he totally had his tag on), a sister with a towel on her head, senior couples with towels wrapped around them(even though they were fully clothed?), elder's with no shoes, sister's with half of their make up. It was so neat! The best part fire! But that didn't stop me from singing "RYAN! started the fire!". This also was EPIC!
So on a more serious note....Somedays here a more than a little discouraging. I often find myself thinking "How in heaven's name am I supposed to teach in 3 languages. I can't even speak English anymore." It's rough waters at times. But last Sunday Elder Scott was here. Yes. You heard me: Elder Richard G. Scott. Was a great spirit he has. He told us that we were not here by coincidence nor were we called to our specific missions by coincidence, but that God, our Heavenly Father had planned for us to be here. It spoke volumes of peace to my mind. For some reason, the Lord believes in my ability to speak French, Spanish, and English:) I realized that if the Lord, God Almighty believes I can do it. Chances are I can. My bishop also gave a talk this Sunday where he reminded us that it's okay if our French isn't perfect because as long as we teach with authority and the spirit we will be fine, because the spirit speaks French perfectly. I have thought a lot about that. It's so true. The spirit is fluent in all languages.
On Sunday we also watched a film about the building of the Kirtland temple. There was a line in the movie that immobilized me. The narrator said "The Lord asked us to build a temple. It was something none of us had ever done. But we knew since it was His will we could do it." I realized this, me serving a mission, is the Lord's will. I can do it. I can speak French. I can not be homesick:) I can be patient with my investigators and companion. Because the Lord is the Great I Am.
I'm so happy to be serving a mission. I've had my ups and downs but overall, I know without a doubt in my heart that the Lord needs me in Montreal Canada speaking French and Spanish and even English. I'm so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that he knows me and loves me more than I can comprehend at times. Thank you for your love and support! to a missionary it means everything. I love you all so much.
Avec tout de mon coeur,
Soeur Perkins
P.s. Mom i have no idea where the nurses station is? Is it in immunizations?
p.p.s. If you don't get a letter this week I promise to send you one next week. And don't forget: I love you! Toujour!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 4: God our strength will be pressforward!

Bonjour ma famille et mes amies!
Commet ca va tout le monde? This has been a great/crazy/exciting/up&downs kind of week. I love the mission. Really. With my whole being. And I pray constantly (like every hour) that you are all doing well and that you all remember how much this little seester missionary loves you.
So, I decided for my posterity's sake I want to tell ya'll about my instructors here at the MTC. One of my instructors is named Fere (brother) Starita. He's a crazy kook! He got engaged last week so he's been really nuts lately, but we love the guy. He's really quirky, he does these crazy hand movements I'll have to show you when I get home. He also always falls alseep in class. It's the best (nacho voice). Also, he wanted us all to tell our families hello from him. So, "Hello!" from Fere Starita. Then we have Fere Corbett (who doubled as our investigator Stephan). Fere Corbett actually just got home from the Montreal mission! He was also called Spanish but served in French and English as well. I'm glad he told me that he served in all three because I was kind of banking on just speaking Spanish, so I've stepped up my game with the French. Frere Corbett plays for BYU soccer (Giles Family:). He told me yesterday that he talked with Sister Cannnon, President Cannon's wife, and she told him that they are so excited for Elder Leon and I to get there in a few weeks. It made me really happy:)
Last Tuesday Sister Julie B. Beck spoke at devotional. She is an incredible person! But she talked about how even though the church may seem small in some of the areas we serve in to remember the prophesy of the stone being cut out of the mountain without hands. In our district devotional discussion a member of our branch presidency Brother Harward was presiding and he told us that he too served in Montreal and that when he was there the members were scarce. I was filled with so much gratitude for the work Brother Harward and other missionaries before and after him have done in my mission, so that I can now serve there with 4 stakes and a temple instead of none.
Like I said I've been really trying to step up the French. I have a definate love hate relationship with French. It's different in a lot of ways than Spanish, but also tres similar. One thing is, in Spanish you speak with the front of your mouth, but in French you speak with your throat. Another thing is Spanish is very intentional you say every word distinctly, but French kind of all flows into one long word. It's getting better though. I realized that there is no need to fear in speaking, even though I'm pretty sure my French at this point sounds like a caveman. "You read Book of Mormon. You be happy. Jesus be happy. You read. Pray. Okay?" Frere Corbett told me he wasn't fluent until he had been out for over a year. And then he saw a look of horror on my face and he said "oh I guess I shouldn't have said that!" So this is the part where I petition for your prayers. S'il vout plais. Please pray pour moi:)
On Sunday one of our MTC district Presidents and his wife spoke at the fireside. His name was either James or Jimmy Hacking. He's from Blanding, Ut. Dad, I never thought I would be so excited to hear the name Blanding. But my heart was so full of joy when he metioned that little speck on the map. His talk was about families and heritage and it made me so proud of my own. He actually mentioned the Hole in the Rock expedition. I guess the thing that stood out to me the most that night was that I can't really love where I'm going if I don't love where I have come from. I felt so much gratitude for those lil' guys who came from Wales and for my own mama who came from the big metropolis of Buenos Aires to little Blanding, Utah.
I'm going to try to share something I learned from the BOM every week. This week I decided to tackle the book of Alma. I've read Alma before but I feel like I've never really put my whole heart into understanding it. This week I was studying Alma 9 and I came upon verse 6 where the people of Ammonihah say " Who is God that sendeth no more authority than one man among his people to declare unto them the truth of such great and marvelous things?" Here in the MTC they stress the importance of sending the Lords servants out "two by two", because their testimonies support each other. I really do believe that the missionary program is divine. But this scripture also made me think about the BOM and the Bible. Of course the Lord would send a second witness to bear testimony of the first and vice versa. The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.
My family and friends, I am so blessed to be here. Really and truly. I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I know he love me even with all of my imperfections and flaws. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that God is our Eternal Father. I love you dearly. Don't forget that.
je t'aime toujour,
Soeur Perkins
p.s. If you sent me an email will you please Dearelder it? I didn't have time to read emails today:(
p.p.s. "So much depends on so little." -Elder Holland

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 3

Bonjour ma famille et aussi mes amies!
Commet ca va? I am doing pretty well. This last week was really emotionally and physically draining, but the Lord always provided a way to get things done.
First of all I want to wish my first sista' Jaclyn Sue Perkins Rodet the hap hap happiest birthday! I love you Jaclyn! Thanks for being an example and for always making me laugh.
Yesterday my little brother Elder Oliver Wilgose returned to his home in England. He realized that there were some issues that he needed to repent of before he could dedicate himself to the Lord. My whole district cried so much. We are all so proud of him and his decision to return home to repent, but it doesn't change how much we all miss him and his silly comments. I'm so certain that our Father in Heaven is pleased with his decision to remain honorable. I had a lot of fears coming into the mission, but I did not realize that one of the things I should've been aware of was how quickly I would learn to love the other missionaries I've been working with. And not in a weird romantic way, but in a "you are my brother/sister and I love you so much for being here" kind of way.
Mom, you asked about my companion, her name is Lara Jane Ellsworth. Soeur E. is from East Lansing, MI and she is a crazy kook! She'll be serving in the France Lyon mission. In my zone there are only 2 of us going to Montreal, everyone else is either going to Paris, Lyon, or Fiji. And then the two lonely souls going to the tundra of Canada. Mom, you also asked when or if we leave the MTC. Well, the only time we go out into "the world" in on Tuesday's for the temple. Yeah. That's the first time I've referred to "go to the temple" as "going out in the world".
So, we had a really interesting experience last Thursday. A news crew from France News 2 came to interview our class about life in MTC. I guess the reporter that came is kind of a big deal in France and since the church is building a temple there she decided she wanted to do a special on the Mormons. I was super nervous that I would say something stupid, but I was able to answer her questions (in English) without saying anything that could be taken wrong. I think what made me the most nervous was that this was the first opportunity I had to talk to real investigators, not just teachers acting like investigators.
Dad, thank you so much for your letter last week about ministering angels. On Tuesday nights we have devotional and this last week we heard from Brother Lionel Kendrick an emeritus 70. He talked a lot about why our missions are important for the rest of our lives. And before he closed he metioned that the Lord was sending His finest from the other side of the veil to help his missionaries. It realy made me think about your letter and D&C 84:88. That scripture is amazing! Anyways, we went back to our classroom to discuss devotional and I felt impressed to share how you were able to see the Lords angels ministering to me. My little brother, Elder Leon (who is serving in Montreal), started crying and then shared with all of us that he was told when he got set apart that he would be ministered to by the Lords angels and he had been praying to know if that was really true. Another Elder also shared that he felt that he was constantly among angels because of the love he felt within our district. I'm ashamed to admit when I arrived and found out I would be speaking French I was pretty put out, but after this last week with losing our dear Elder Wilgose and having such a tender spiritual moment with the rest of the district I understand that the Lord knew I needed to be with these particular Elders and Sisters at this particular time.
Another tender mercy this week happend while I was teaching my "investigator" David (he's one of my MTC teachers, Fere Starita). While we were teaching him about the restoration I pulled out the Retablissment pamphlet and was struck by the picture on the outside. It's a picture of the Savior holding a lamb. The lamb looks so cozy in the Savior's arms. I felt completely envoloped in the Savior's love in that moment realizing that I am very much like that little lamb. I love the Savior so much.
Thank you for your love and support. I could not do this without the prayers of so many. I know better today than ever that the Lord knows me. I know he loves me for the imperfect person I am. I know that he can make up the difference when I can't. I hope you all know that I think of you often. I miss your faces, voices, and spirits. My prayers are always with you.
Je t'amie toujour,
Soeur Sabrina Danielle Perkins
p.s. If you feel so inclined send me pictures!:)
p.p.s. J did you get the letters I sent for you, your mom, and Grandma Mary?
p.p.s. XOxoXXOxo My district speaks to each other in Nacho Libre quotes "it's the best!"
p.p.p.s. I love you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Chere Familie et mon amis!
Commet ca va? This week has gone by so fast! I can hardly believe how quickly the weeks go by...days are another story. Conference was amazing here at the MTC! The spirit was incredible. I felt like everyone was hanging on every word being spoken. It was unreal! I basically cried through the first two sessions. I lost it when they announced the SECOND temple in Provo! I'm so happy that building will not be torn down. That building was gorgeus in it's day and it served the people in Provo so well for years. I was only in it a couple of times but I felt like it had a soul. It was definately a worthy servant of the Lord. At times I think we're all kind of like that building. We work really hard and feel torn down and like are efforts are in vain. But the Lord always has a plan.I feel like that building will stand as a testimony that the Lord has great things in store for all of us. Now it will be a holy house of the Lord. The means by which many people will be sealed as families for the eternities. Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives! I also really loved President Uchtdorf's talks. I'm pretty sure the Lord knew what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. Conference is such a spectacular event and I hope you all loved it as much as I did.
Dad, thank you so much for your letter! The language is rough. I struggle through most of my lessons, but I feel certain that the Lord is on my right hand and on my left hand and his angels are constantly round about me. Especially when my body is exhausted and my brain is completely spent, He always provides more support. This week I've been thinking a lot about Alma 29:1-2 "Oh that I were an angel and could have the wish of mine heart! That I might speak witht the trump of God, and cry repentence unto every people!" The wish of my heart is to learn French. Especially to learn to love it. That is a work in progress:)
This week we finished teaching Stephan (the "investigator"). In our lesson we were teaching him about baptism and he asked us if he could be baptised in our church. Like i said my French is not so gurd. So in my little head i thought he was asking us if he could baptize himself, so I emphatically responded "Non,non, non!" and he said "Non?" "NON!" And then after I realized the look of confusion on his face I felt like a big fat goober. Then I said "Ohhh! OUI!" After this gem he asked where he would be baptized and my companion couldn't remember the word for water or font so she said "en une.....bath." At this point none of us could keep a straight hey we comitted him to baptism:)
Thank you for your letters! they are like prized gems here in the mish. I love hearing about everything you're doing and seeing pictures. Also, thank you for the package! I took the taffy to conference and the Elders in my district loved it. I felt like the mom, because they kept saying, "Soeur Perkins, can I have some taffy?" And I would say "this is the last one!" and it almost never was, because I am a push over.These Elders are great. They are the best little brothers ever. Sadly, this week one of our elders went home. My heart was broken, but I know the Lord has a path for all of us and I just keep praying his will lead him back to a mission.
I'm so happy to be here! This is the hardest, but most edifying thing I have ever done. Some days I feel like I've grown so much. And other days I feel like I still have so much to learn. I'm so grateful though. All through out conference I kept thinking how lucky we are to have the gospel in our lives. How lucky we are to know that our lives our not endless streams of chaos, but there is a path and there is a guide. I love the Savior. I love His gospel. I know that He loves me and I know that He loves each and every one of you. He knows your needs and the desires of your hearts. You are in my prayers. I love you so dearly. Remember "All these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good."
The Savior loves you. I love you.
Soeur (pronounced sur NOT sewer!) Perkins
P.s. You should really write me letters!
P.p.s. Randy? RANDY! RANDIE! RANDIE! Randy?
P.p.s. Write me:)
P.p.p.s. J did you get your letter?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27th!!

Ma Famille e mis amies!
Comment ce va? Yes it's true. I am speaking FRENCH! I got here on day one and they put my missionary tag on me and it said "Soeur Perkins". I said umm this is supposed to say "Hermana". They informed me that while I'm in the MTC I will be learning French and only French. This is the part where I beg for you to pray that the gift of tongues kicks in soon:) French is weird. For some reason, they don't pronounce the entire word if it ends in a vowel unless it is followed by a vowel. I'm pretty sure I sound like a French caveperson. This causes problems for when I read things in English, because I no longer pronounce any vowels at the end of words. Also we had our third lesson last night with our "investigator" Stephan. Stephan is evidently already converted because his BOM is marked and he has a CTR ring AND he wears garments. Oh Stephan, don't you try to fool us! We're on to your tricks! All joking aside it's been really....humbling teaching him. I realize every time we teach him that my French is atrocious. At first I was really discouraged but the other night while I was brushing my teeth (best time for revelation) that I don't need to speak French perfectly I just need to speak enough French to preach the gospel. The MTC is great. Aside from the wonderous food that is. Okay. The food isn't so bad it's just got nothing on mom's cooking, or J's stir fry, or Benja's, or Monica's pumpkin rolls.. mmmmmmm PUMPKIN ROLLS!
We've had some awesome firesides and mission conferences this past week. It really is a great time to be serving in the MTC. My companion's name is Soeur Ellsworth. She is from Michigan and I love her stiinking guts. All of them, even the guts that only want to eat cereal every day. She is easily my favorite companion:) So funny! Really she is a blessing. Our district is also really great. I feel like I have been blessed with 8 little brothers. They even call me "big sister". I love them a lot even when all they want to do is talk about video games.
So this is a real surprise but I miss you all a lot. Some days I have to force myself to NOT think about you. Really. Especially those of you who are so close (you know who you are!) It get's difficult, but then I remember that there are souls in Montreal that I love so much. I'm not quite sure who they are but I do know i love them and I do know that I want nothing more than to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. On sunday night Brother Stephen B. Allen came and spoke to us about how badly satan wants us to go home and give up on the mission. It was a really inspired talk. He said so many things that I know I needed to hear. The Gospel is just so amazing.
Another amazing thing is I have seen soooooo many people I know. For you doterra-ites I see Brittney Stirling like 456 times a day. Which is awesome because a Hermana Stirling is basically awesome. Man I love that girl.
There are so many things that I can't wait to share with you when I get home. And there are soooooo many things that I still need to learn. French being at the top of the list.
Oh! funny story. So for some reason the place where you take your trays in the cafeteria after you're done eating is smells disgusting. It's like stinky garbage steam. Just what you want to smell afer you eat. So my companion and I hold our breath every time we go through, which works great when there isn't a line. But not so great when there is. The other day there was a traffic jam and my companion Soeur Ellsworth couldn't handle the smell so she basically threw her tray on the conveyor belt and ran, yes RAN, out of the room. I was laughing so hard i almost peed my pants and then I almost threw up because I wasn't holding my breath anymore. Oh the MTC.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I pray for you. I love you so much and I look forward to hearing from you all.
Con toda mi amor,
Hermana/Soeur Perkins
P.s. if you send your emails through I will get them the same day AND I will be able to come up with a response to your letters on my P-day! so please, please, please! email me through while I'm in the MTC! Also you should know it's FREE! Yes, FREEEEE!
P.p.s. my mailbox number is 82 so feel free to send me cookies, letters, cookies, edible things, letters:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Human. Kind.

I don't blog about my job for various reasons.
A. It's not very interesting.
B. I try to leave work at work.
C. Work is not meant for this little corner of my world.

However, the other day I had an experience at work that left somewhat of an impression on my heart.

A little background: I work in the product store for a locally based MLM(that's a multi-level marketing company, for you newbs). I deal with people from all walks of life. From the hippie tree hugger to the beauty queens of Northern Utah. Every day is a new adventure.

Last week, we had a particularly snarky crowd come through our product store.
People who sometimes forget that we little worker bees are humans too.
Humans with slow fingers, tired brains, and fatigued bodies.
I called for the next customer in line and a very small woman came forward.
She was donning a "Hot n' Ready" t-shirt from Little Caesar's.
"I talked to the bank and they said my card has enough money on it."
"Okay." I tried really hard to smile sensing that this woman had some sort of disability.
I ran her card for her small purchase and proceeded to pull her order.
I was halfway across the product store when she yelled across "My neighbor has lupus. I'm going to sign her up so I can help her with her lupus."
"Oh that is so great." I tried to feign excitement.
"Are you proud of me?" she asked sincerely.
My answer was lodged in my throat as I tried to choke back tears.
"Yes. I'm very proud of you."

Sometimes I am lost in my own little world of worries and troubles.
I was grateful for this reminder that we are all fighting our own battles and it is oh so important to let those we come into contact that we are so proud of their effort.

If no one else has told you so today, know that I am proud of you for fighting whatever battle you fight.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Friday my family drove to Utah county with a big white envelope from the Church headquarters.
I was not nervous about the next 18 months of my life until I saw it.
I worried about a lot of things once it was in my hands like:
-what if I couldn't do this?
-what if I couldn't adapt to the culture/food/people?
-what if's
I even joked about driving to the church office in Salt Lake handing them my envelope and saying "Changed my mind."
But surrounded by the most important people to me (some via cell phone) I opened my mission call and read the following words:
"Dear Sister Perkins: You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. You are assigned to labor in the Canada Montreal Mission. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language."
With those few words I became all sorts of emotion.
Mostly shock.
Then came joy.
Then absolute gratitude.

I can't possibly explain how but I already feel a love for those people in the Montreal.
I can think of no other explanation than that of the love of Christ which stems from His Gospel.
I am so grateful for the testimony I have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the atonement is real. I know that Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son and that he restored the true and living gospel. I know that man will know no great joy than coming unto the Savior.

And that is what I plan to share with the people of Montreal.


Monday, June 6, 2011

FHE Mama

I have a pretty good track record of not attending FHE since I've moved away from home.
If you are unfamiliar with FHE, it stands for Family Home Evening.
FHE is held on Monday nights and it's a time for families in our church to spend together.
College wards, like the one I attend, have little FHE groups and I was lucky enough to land a calling as an FHE mom.
I know this is karma paying me back for the past 3 years of avoidant behavior.
Tonight was my first go at being an FHE mom.
Lucky for me I was paired with another FHE mom and we decided to play games and she volunteered to bring a watermelon.
* it should be noted that I had a dream last night that I learned how to carve watermelons like you would carve a pumpkin at Halloween. So you can imagine my excitement?

We did the usual
.Prayer, spiritual thought, etc.
Once I had sufficiently dominated everyone in Mad Gab we decided to slice the watermelon open.
I'm not going to lie I was pretty excited.
I. Love. Watermelon.
My dear roommates began slicing the beast open and like opening flood gates the watermelon spewed water all over our counter top.
Then we split the beast open and the insides reminded me of the turkey on Christmas Vacation. See image below.

It was sad indeed.
I had to send all of my little FHE children home without watermelon.
Luckily, one of the children made this wonderful watermelon carving.
See image below.

Behold! The waterbeast!


P.s. I am still craving watermelon.