Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27th!!

Ma Famille e mis amies!
Comment ce va? Yes it's true. I am speaking FRENCH! I got here on day one and they put my missionary tag on me and it said "Soeur Perkins". I said umm this is supposed to say "Hermana". They informed me that while I'm in the MTC I will be learning French and only French. This is the part where I beg for you to pray that the gift of tongues kicks in soon:) French is weird. For some reason, they don't pronounce the entire word if it ends in a vowel unless it is followed by a vowel. I'm pretty sure I sound like a French caveperson. This causes problems for when I read things in English, because I no longer pronounce any vowels at the end of words. Also we had our third lesson last night with our "investigator" Stephan. Stephan is evidently already converted because his BOM is marked and he has a CTR ring AND he wears garments. Oh Stephan, don't you try to fool us! We're on to your tricks! All joking aside it's been really....humbling teaching him. I realize every time we teach him that my French is atrocious. At first I was really discouraged but the other night while I was brushing my teeth (best time for revelation) that I don't need to speak French perfectly I just need to speak enough French to preach the gospel. The MTC is great. Aside from the wonderous food that is. Okay. The food isn't so bad it's just got nothing on mom's cooking, or J's stir fry, or Benja's, or Monica's pumpkin rolls.. mmmmmmm PUMPKIN ROLLS!
We've had some awesome firesides and mission conferences this past week. It really is a great time to be serving in the MTC. My companion's name is Soeur Ellsworth. She is from Michigan and I love her stiinking guts. All of them, even the guts that only want to eat cereal every day. She is easily my favorite companion:) So funny! Really she is a blessing. Our district is also really great. I feel like I have been blessed with 8 little brothers. They even call me "big sister". I love them a lot even when all they want to do is talk about video games.
So this is a real surprise but I miss you all a lot. Some days I have to force myself to NOT think about you. Really. Especially those of you who are so close (you know who you are!) It get's difficult, but then I remember that there are souls in Montreal that I love so much. I'm not quite sure who they are but I do know i love them and I do know that I want nothing more than to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. On sunday night Brother Stephen B. Allen came and spoke to us about how badly satan wants us to go home and give up on the mission. It was a really inspired talk. He said so many things that I know I needed to hear. The Gospel is just so amazing.
Another amazing thing is I have seen soooooo many people I know. For you doterra-ites I see Brittney Stirling like 456 times a day. Which is awesome because a Hermana Stirling is basically awesome. Man I love that girl.
There are so many things that I can't wait to share with you when I get home. And there are soooooo many things that I still need to learn. French being at the top of the list.
Oh! funny story. So for some reason the place where you take your trays in the cafeteria after you're done eating is smells disgusting. It's like stinky garbage steam. Just what you want to smell afer you eat. So my companion and I hold our breath every time we go through, which works great when there isn't a line. But not so great when there is. The other day there was a traffic jam and my companion Soeur Ellsworth couldn't handle the smell so she basically threw her tray on the conveyor belt and ran, yes RAN, out of the room. I was laughing so hard i almost peed my pants and then I almost threw up because I wasn't holding my breath anymore. Oh the MTC.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I pray for you. I love you so much and I look forward to hearing from you all.
Con toda mi amor,
Hermana/Soeur Perkins
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