Monday, July 11, 2011

Human. Kind.

I don't blog about my job for various reasons.
A. It's not very interesting.
B. I try to leave work at work.
C. Work is not meant for this little corner of my world.

However, the other day I had an experience at work that left somewhat of an impression on my heart.

A little background: I work in the product store for a locally based MLM(that's a multi-level marketing company, for you newbs). I deal with people from all walks of life. From the hippie tree hugger to the beauty queens of Northern Utah. Every day is a new adventure.

Last week, we had a particularly snarky crowd come through our product store.
People who sometimes forget that we little worker bees are humans too.
Humans with slow fingers, tired brains, and fatigued bodies.
I called for the next customer in line and a very small woman came forward.
She was donning a "Hot n' Ready" t-shirt from Little Caesar's.
"I talked to the bank and they said my card has enough money on it."
"Okay." I tried really hard to smile sensing that this woman had some sort of disability.
I ran her card for her small purchase and proceeded to pull her order.
I was halfway across the product store when she yelled across "My neighbor has lupus. I'm going to sign her up so I can help her with her lupus."
"Oh that is so great." I tried to feign excitement.
"Are you proud of me?" she asked sincerely.
My answer was lodged in my throat as I tried to choke back tears.
"Yes. I'm very proud of you."

Sometimes I am lost in my own little world of worries and troubles.
I was grateful for this reminder that we are all fighting our own battles and it is oh so important to let those we come into contact that we are so proud of their effort.

If no one else has told you so today, know that I am proud of you for fighting whatever battle you fight.