Friday, August 27, 2010

She & Him + Happy Last Weekend Before School Starts

Last night I went to the free She & Him concert at Pioneer Park in SLC.
I love Zooey. Oh and the Him, too.

Limney, JC, and a very tired Me.
My brother Iz.

Iker being so studious. he couldn't stop reading "the worst book everrrr!"

My friends Shirty and Cute shoes. i wish i could remember their names. Worst friend everrr!
Stuck in an UBER sweaty/stinky crowd. can you see the bookworm in the back?
Not even a sweaty crowd could pull Iker's eyes from the pages of his book.

Me, Iks, and our friend Jess hanging out in the back.

Note: I was too busy singing and dancing and being short to get a good picture of the stage.

Have a good weekend!

P.s. get your pencils sharpened! Schools starts on Monday for the Y.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

College Advice

This post is for my very favorite Mary Dawn.
I found this advice on Oh Joy before I moved to BYU.
I think it's great advice.

1. Don't kiss lame boys even if they are a little cute. You'll regret it later.
2. Fall in love with someone new every single day. Crushes are new and exciting.
3. Don't sign up for credit cards or give personal information to anyone who wants it. It's not worth that free t-shirt or king sized Snickers bar they are offering.
4. If your friend dates a boy you hate, stay out of it.
5. Go to all the free lectures and activities they offer, even if you are busy and tired.
6. Throw lots of themed parties: Pink Party, Hair Party, Middle School Party.
7. Don't move home for the summer. You think it is a good idea because you miss it but after two weeks it will just be really depressing. Instead do an internship somewhere fun or get a job in an exotic locale.
8. Take art classes even if you aren't an art major. (This one might be me projecting my own regret.)
9. Don't get your hair done by the local hair school students. It will always end bad.
10. Make cookies every Sunday and take them to friends and cute boys. Do this especially when you get depressed or sad.
11. If you can't get in a class you want because it is full--don't take no for an answer.
12. Join clubs and maybe start one yourself.
13. If you get a job in college don't work too much. They are only paying you minimum wage. In five years you'll make quadruple that and your time in college is precious. Better to spend your time studying or working for free somewhere cool or doing an internship to further your career.
14. Go camping a lot and go on lots of road trips.
15. Find the girls that dress cool, make friends with them and ask them to help dress you. (speaking from experience here)
16. If it rains go dance in it.
17. Don't park illegally even for a minute. College campuses are crawling with meter maids who WILL GET YOU.
18. Get a Vespa.
19. Never schedule a class before 10am. Don't do that to yourself.
20. Watch lots of foreign films and go to lots of concerts even if you don't have the money. That is what college is for.

And for my own advice.
21. You're not the first Freshman who has felt overwhelmed. This too, my dear, shall pass.
22. If you need ANYTHING at ANYTIME of the day or night call me.
23. You're not going to get D's in all of your classes.
24. Zumba solves all of life's problems. Let's find a good class.
25. I'm soooo glad you live in Provo now.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts on Oatmeal and French Pastries

When I was in middle school I read a book about a girl who lived with her grandmother because her mom was in Hollywood chasing a dream.
At one point in the book she bought a ticket to Hollywood to visit her mom.
While she was there she realized that though by birth this woman was technically her mom, she was not in fact her mother.
During this realization she compared her mom to a french pastry and her grandma to oatmeal.
Though a French pastry is enticing, lovely and practically sinful it doesn't hold a candle to the wholesomeness and sustainability that is oatmeal.

I've been thinking about my relationships.
With friends, family, and others.
It's made me wonder do I have French pastry relationships or oatmeal relationships?

I want oatmeal.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spark...or a lack thereof

Last night I had my first Spark experience.
If you live in the Provo/Orem area and haven't made your way there
I have one question:
What are you waiting for?

As soon as we walked in I was giddy with excitement.
We were no longer in downtown Provo.
No, no, no.
We were in Manhattan, London, Paris.
Provo was just a memory.
With our Shirley Temples ordered from their completely non-alcoholic menu we chatted and giggled.
Mid-giggle the door opened and in walked a very unusual fellow.
He beelined toward us and then quickly changed his path to a settee just in front of our booth.
The waitress brought us three red bubbly glasses bedecked by a cotton candy flourishperfection,
I guess by this point the suspense was too much for him because he tried to saunter to us in a very James Bond kind of way.
I stuffed cotton candy in my mouth to keep myself from laughing.
I can't remember his opening line because I was busying myself with trying to keep my mouth shut.
I'm sure it was something suave.
He asked us what we would recommend.
It was a good thing it was my first time, because I felt I was off the hook from being a part of that conversation.
But then he sat down and turned our Night on the Town into some kind of a job interview.
"Where are you from?"
"What do you like to do?"
"Tell me what is your gwam?" okay, he didn't ask that. but he may as well have.
During the question answer portion of the night he would intermittently say our names is a very robocop manner.
"Sydney*. Annalisa. Uh, Sabrina." note. I was easily forgotten. could it be because I was stuffing my face with cotton candy?

Finally, he decided to bid us Adieu, but not without repeating our names one last time.

I guess from now on I'll actually have to get out of Provo to really get out of Provo.


*Post Edit: I accidentally spelled Sydney's name Sidney. Until she reminded me in the comments section. Such a brat. Oh Limney, you know I love your guts.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Jaclyn,

we have been playing phone tag since Wednesday.
I think we should stop.
I have things to tell you.

your little seester

p.s. your voicemail is not set up. I for one think you should change that asap.

Are you dazzled by our maturity?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bookshelf Epiphany

Sometimes I like to use my blog as a Freudian couch. Hence, yesterdays post.
Last night after I posted my Perfume Allegory I was organizing my bookshelf.
Through the process of shelving and dusting I came upon a second realization about my fears/disinterest in dating.

I cannot stand chaos.

When I'm in/surrounded by chaos I become every adjective a human would not want to be described as.
I'm easily irritated, agitated, snarky, inflexible, etc.
In short, I'm the worst.

I avoid dating because I'm trying to avoid chaos.

"Does he like me?"
"Do I like him?"
"Does he like like me?"
"Why do I say the word 'like' so much?"
"Why didn't he call?"
"Do I send a 'Thank you' text after a date?"
"What do I do when he walks me to the door?"
And the infamous "What do I wear?"

Put simply, chaos.

Last semester I took a Kundalini Yoga class and one of my favorite mantras I learned was
Let go, let God.
All that it really means is to let go of whatever fear you have, give it to God, and in the process give yourself to God.

With my books in neat rows nestled on their shelves by height, I let this concept of letting go wash over me.
Before I turned out my light for bed I took a tall book and placed it next to the small books.

Baby steps, friends.
Wish me luck.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Allegory of the Perfume

A couple of days ago I was shocked to realize my favorite perfume is very nearly empty.
Generally, for a girl, the realization that they need to buy something as elaborate as perfume is exciting.
For me it's terrifying.
Especially, because I never buy the same perfume twice.
I'm always afraid I'm going to get stuck with a $60 bottle of mothball eau de toilette.
I don't trust my own judgement when it comes to perfume buying.
I would dare say I have commitment issues.
The past two bottles I have had, I've received as gifts, no thought on my part.
I loved both to the point of their extinction.

I told my mom about the last precious drops of my favorite perfume the last time we were in a mall, so she shuffled me to a perfume counter.
I sniffed perfumes that were fruity, floraly not a real word, musky, fresh, etc.
But nothing smelled right.
It was somewhere between the Vera Wang Princess and Lola by Marc Jacobs that I realized my feelings about buying perfume aren't too different from my feelings about dating.
Nothing ever smells/feels right because I don't trust my own judgement.

I thought about this through the spritzing of Coco by Chanel and then I saw it.
I knew just from the bottle that it was my perfume.
I spritzed a little on my wrist and it was love at first smell.
Amber and fruit nearly knocked me to the floor.

Now all I need is to find a man who will sweep me off my feet and I'll be set.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Sir,

If I could one message into the universe in hopes that it would find you
it would sound a lot like this.

Your very own,
Sabrina Danielle

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back-to-school supplies

On Thursday I went to Target to pick up a few things for an impromptu Moab trip.
I was walking past the greeting card section when something caught my eye.
Just the next aisle over back-to-school supplies beckoned me from the shelves.
Backpacks, markers, pencil boxes, lunch pails, book covers, notebooks as far as the aisle extended.
A mixture of giddiness and impulsiveness crept over me.
Back-to-school means Fall.
I stood between the camping supplies and the school supplies toying with the idea of walking out of Target with a bag full of new school supplies, instead of a bag for sleeping.
Luckily, a force more powerful than the draw of scented markers reminded me that buying school supplies would mean a very cold camping trip.
Needless to say, I'll be back August 31st for the Little Mermaid lunch pail.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writer's Block

My brain has been a jumbled mess of incomplete thoughts lately.
I've tried writing.
But nothing feels right.
I think I need an adventure.
Cross your fingers that I find my muse again.