Monday, February 27, 2012

Dreaming of Spring!!

Hello everyone!
How goes it? It sounds like everyone is on a roller coaster of good and not so great things. We're on a weather roller coaster here in the CMM. Last week the weather was really beautiful it was +7. The sun was shining we were all happy and ready to play and then WA-BAM! We got sideswiped with a snow storm. It was a blizzard. Sister Chadburn and I were driving home from an appointment about 10km from our house and it literally took us 1 1/2 hours to get home because everyone had to drive so slow. We probably got about half a foot. Boo! No more snow. I have this theory that if everyone in the city went out at the exact same time with hair dryers we could get rid of it pretty quick. No one wants to join me though:(

So this week we had a lesson with this guy named Glen.....Let's just say I should've know better. We met Glen at Carleton University on Saturday. The second we sat down he started talking to our member about EVERYTHING under the sun. The boy jumped topics like a monkey through trees. We couldn't figure out how his brain worked. In the midst of this intellectual conversation about the Greek Isles and party boats a man from a local news station walked up. "Hi. Do you know where the magic show is?" "Glen perked up like a prarie dog. "Magic show? Girls! let's go to the magic show." I looked at my companion like 'you got this one amiga'. And she looked at me the same way. So we try to tell Glen we wanted to meet with him to share a message about God. He said, "Okay. We'll go to the magic show and do that whole God thing after." I wanted to argue but he was already following the guy down the hall. So off we went. Well, we get to the door of the theater and the guy at the door says, "Sorry the magic show is about to end." Seeing the look of disappointment on Glen's face he quickly added, "but you can make slime in the activity lab!" I could've punched this guy. Really? REALLY? Yes. so off we were to make slime. Well, lucky for us we did finally get a lesson in and even an invitation to go dancing and a near hug. Don't worry. Glen goes in for the hug while Sister Perkins goes in for the handshake. "Really I don't do handshakes." Sister Perkins with the stiff arm, "Really I don't do hugs." It was amazing.

I'm not going to lie my little ones. This week has been heavy. We have a lot of investigators going through a lot of really difficult things. We've been teaching this incredible guy named Chris. He kind of fell of the face of the planet for about four days and I was kind of mad at him. Then he finally called back on Tuesday and told us that both of his parents had died in a car accident. My heart broke as I listened to this "tough guy" break down over the phone. We have another investigator who is going through some really grim health issues. And a recent convert with her second round of cancer. The list could really go on.My heart has been broken a lot this week. I remember that when I went in for my interview with President Henderson he told me that a mission would prepare me to be a mother. I didn't really understand what he meant. Now I do. I love these people. Really and truly. I would give my right arm for Chris, or Nicole, or Jeffery. Every time I think I could not love another little broken person, I find another and I love them just as much as the others. I feel really humbled that the Lord trusts me, insignificant Sabrina Danielle Perkins, with these very tender children of His. In the midst of these difficult trials I'm experiencing with my dear little ones here in Dows Lake I feel a sense of hope that is unparallel to anything I've ever felt in my life. I've started my days by going to the Lord and prayer and saying I know that there is a lot to be done and I can't do it all. So tell me what you would have me do. That has really made all of the difference. I have seen the Father come into these broken homes and apartments and wrap his arms around His children. Last night we were talking to Chris and he said, "There are only two things that make me feel better right now. Going to the gym and reading the Book of Mormon. Every time I read the Book of Mormon I can feel my parents standing next to me." My heart was so full when I heard those words. I promise you, nothing in this world can bring more peace, joy, and hope than the Book of Mormon. This is a gospel of hope. I know that my redeemer lives. I know that he is there, because I too have felt the Savior wrap His arms around me in what can be difficult moments. Promise me that you will not take the Book of Mormon for granted. Promise me that you'll tell your loved ones how you feel. Promise me that you'll always do the will of the Father. Because I can promise you there is no other way to find joy in a world where there seems to be very little light at times. Please pray for my little ones here in Dows Lake. We need miracles.

I'm so grateful for this blessing. It's truly the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I can't imagine doing anything else at this point in my life. Thank you for your love and support. You are my angels.Also, please pray for spring:) I know the Canadians would probably sic moose on me if they knew I was praying for spring already, but I'm not afraid of them:)
Have a beautiful week! Pray for miracles. I love you, don't ever forget that!

Sister Sabrina Perkins

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My New Companion!!

Hello family!!!
So guess what??? Tomorrow is my five month mark! Isn't that insane? I feel like it's all going by so fast. It's very nearly scary. This week here in the CMM was a beautiful one indeed. I was super blessed:)

Let's start with a recap.

1st: I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Chadburn and she is the funniest little chica I have ever met. She's from Denver and is just an incredible missionary. It's been really fun getting to know her. She is just the sweetest thing.The other night she was telling me how her parents met and she said, "So, my mom was dating this guy who looked like Brad Pitt. And his name was Bob....Bob Marley." I looked at her like she was nuts. "Bob Marley? You're mom was dating a Jamaican singer who looked like Brad Pitt?" It was pretty hysterical. So now every time we can't remember someone's name we say "I think his name is Bob....Bob Marley." That's just one of the numerous inside jokes we've already made up in our 5 days together. I'm praying I get to serve with her for at least 2 transfers.

2nd: Robert got the priesthood this Sunday! It was incredible! He was so happy. And wouldn't you believe it the adversary worked really hard on him this week trying to prevent him from getting the priesthood. We went to visit on Thursday and he just didn't seem like his usual bubbly self. I kept asking if he was okay and he kept saying he was just tired. Sidenote: on my mission I have developed these weird motherly instincts where I know what's wrong with my investigators and when there is something wrong. I knew he read something that scared him, but I also knew he wouldn't tell us until he was ready. Well, the next evening he called in a panic. He started telling us what happened and before he said what it was I whispered it to my companion. And then he told us that he found some literature about how the church didn't allow African men to hold the priesthood until 1978. I know the spirit helped me figure that one out. Long story with the help of some amazing priesthood holders in this area we were able to help him out and he received the priesthood yesterday.

3rd: This week we had interviews with President Cannon. It was a really cool experience. I love President and Sister Cannon. I went in with a big list of questions (Thank you sister Pace for the heads up). President really knew what to say and how to help me. However, I'm pretty sure I sealed my fate for Spanish speaking.....pray for my stomach. And then it got even better because then I got to talk to Sister Cannon:) Sister Cannon was talking to me about family and dating of all things (Mom, she could not stop saying how beautiful and young you look) and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me how special I am to her and this mission. It meant a lot especially because every now and then I just feel like a little fish in this big pond. It's always good to be reminded that you are special.

4th: This week I have been drinking deeply from the book of Ether. I love The Book of Mormon! As I've been reading Ether there have been so many things that are so symbolic to me. But one thing that I really was struck by was in Ether 2:25 where the Lord tells the Brother of Jared as he's preparing him for this voyage "I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depth of the sea?" I struck me that the Lord is always preparing us for "rough seas" so to speak. He knows all of the dangers, the hurts, the risks, the challenges, because he has experienced all. And just like Ether the Lord will guide us in our preparation so when we do face those time we can praise him as the family of the Brother of Jared does in chapter 6.

I love this gospel. I love my calling. I love Ottawa. I love Sister Chadburn. I love you. Thank you for your love and support I really could not do this without you. Have a beautiful week and don't forget to pray.

Je vous aime!

Sister Perkins

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello from Ottawa!!

Hello my little Doves! (that's my Valentine's term of endearment for ya'll)

How is everyone doing? I'm doing really well. Loving Canada. Loving my mission. Loving the warm weather:) 2 degrees. Could life be sweeter? Probably not. So, let's get down to the nitty gritty. This week was good.

First of all, Robert's Baptism. It was incredible! He loved every minute and the whole thing went off without a hitch. He actually started doing missionary work at his baptism. Elder Leon and Meza have been working with this family for a long time and they have had a few baptismal dates but the mom couldn't decide if she wanted to get baptized here or in the states. Well they came to Robert's baptism and he started talking to them about the gospel and I couldn't have been prouder. Watching my freshly baptized investigator doing missionary work. Well, the plot thickens, Mayda, the mother of the family called the Elders that night to tell them she needed to be baptized the next day. So, that's exactly what happened we threw another baptism together the next day. It was equally if not more beautiful than Robert's. I cried like a baby through the whole thing because I got to watch my hermanito (Elder Leon) baptize his first converts. It was really touching. I've been with him from the beginning. I love that little guy. It was truly an incredible weekend.

Another exciting thing that happened was zone conference. I love Prez and Sister Cannon. They are hysterical. I wish I was on the island so I could see them more often, just know I'm in really good hands.

The next exciting thing that happened this week was transfer calls. I'm staying here in Dows Lake but I'm getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Chadburn and after this transfer she will be the oldest Sister in the mission. Pretty exciting stuff:)

And now the event you've been waiting for....PICTURES!

Image 2057: This is me at the gate in Chinatown. I was so excited about Chinatown! Our amazing member Tracy took us to dinner it was a blast!
2063:This was our Corn P-day. Elder's Leon and Meza made everyone Nacho Libre-style corn. It was the best!
2071: Those are people skating on the Canal. How cool is that? It's the world's largest skating rink and we're not allowed to go:( But it's still pretty:)
2075; That is the filth our new vacum found in our apartment, this is a really scary picture of me. Sidenote: our last vacum exploded and then was stolen from outside our apartment. Yeah the mission office wasn't super thrilled about that one.
2085: Robert's Baptism...awww such a special day!
2091: Mamita I'm wearing one of the skirts you made me:) That's Elder Holm and Leavitt they are the ones who actually found Robert.
2104: This is everyone at Mayda and Leslie's baptism. Look at how grown up my hermanito is! We're not greenie babies anymore.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Late But Great!

Hello everyone!
It sounds like you are all doing a little bit better than last week. That brings sunshine to my soul. Today is a beautiful sunshiney day in the polar ice caps it's -4 but it feels all toasty and what not:) I'm turning into a polar bear.
Oh my goodness! I have blessings can I just start there? You people are amazing! Really. I read your letters and my for a moment the little place in my heart reserved for only you is filled and I can almost feel home again. I love your letters. I love you.
This week was phenomenal. I had so many experiences that to me were so sacred I'm a little afraid to type them up. But I will try. Being in the YSA ward has had so many blessings. I have met so many people that I know the Savior put in my path to either brighten my day or reaffirm why I'm here. I often feel like I don't deserve half of the blessing I have been given, but that's the miraculous thing about the Savior he requires so little and gives so much in return. There is a young man in our ward named Antonio, this beautiful little guy has a severe disability that renders him unable to do much. But every week he passes the sacrament in his wheel chair and it is an experience that is so sacred that with out fail my eyes well up with tears every week. This last week little Antonio wrote his testimony for someone to read for him (he is unable to speak). He bore a sweet and simple testimony about church and how being at church makes him a better person, how we make him a better person. I cried through the entire thing and all I could think of was how many times I have taken my own ability to walk, to write, to speak for granted. That evening we actually had a dinner appointment with Antonio and his parents. They were the kindest, gentlest people I have ever had the opportunity of associating with. They are from Guatemala and El Salvador and were kind enough to practice speaking in Spanish with me. And even more gracious to provide a meal fit for a queen when they have so little. I watched this beautiful mother care for her son and my heart was so full. This beautiful little Amaya family had the light of Christ in every ounce of their being and my soul yearned to be more like them. It was that Alma the younger moment all over again "Oh that I were an angel."
This Friday at 6 pm (4 pm for you) our dear investigator Robert will be getting baptized. The experience of watching this man change his life and accept the gospel is something that is so dear and sacred to me I can't really explain it. But I know watching his life changed has changed mine infinately more so. Maybe one day I'll be able to better put into words the experience my zone and I have been through with this particular investigator, but for now it's too sacred.But know that this man is going to be an influential part of the church wherever he goes. This has become apparent as he has had some very real experiences with opposition. Please pray for him.
Last week I also had the opportunity to go back to Gatineau for splits. It was a really experience. I visited two investigators who had baptismal dates when I left, and when I saw them the light was completely gone from their eyes. I don't know if it was laziness or they were antied but it was heart breaking to the point of I couldn't even cry because I was so torn up. But then I visited an old investigator named Daphney. When I left Daphney was not doing well. She was sad, angry, and had no desire to read. But when I saw her she wrapped her arms around me and was just happy as a clam. Once again my heart was so very full.
Please don't ever forget the gospel is real. This isn't just theology or someone's opion on happiness. It is and will eternally be happiness. But the adversary does not want you to remember that. But I promise you if you cleave to your covenants and fight like all get out the Lord will preserve you. Never give up on the little things. Remember in the war chapters of Alma Moroni didn't just fortify the city with one rinky dink wall. No there were walls, moats, ditches, pickets, towers. And so should our lives be fortified with those little things: prayer, reading, church, temple,etc. And when the adversary comes he will be as Alma says "exceedingly astonished" at how well we have prepared.
I'm sorry this email is so missionary-esque, I don't know how else to be anymore:) But know that I love you. I pray for you individually. For your needs, hopes, and dreams. Have a beautiful week!
I love you.
Sister Perkins
p.s. next p-day is monday as ususal.