Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello! Hello!
Can you believe that tomorrow it will be May 1st!!!!? I can't believe it at all, in fact it's making me a little sad. It's really going by fast. Things have been picking up here in Dows Lake which makes me a happy camper. That and we finally got our sunshine back!!! Finally! Oh my goodness does Canada know cloudy dreary weather. But Hallelujah for the sun and slightly blue skies today:)
This week we did a lot of contacting and even more knocking. Last night nearly ever person we knocked into was not wearing real clothes it was ridiculous. We knocked into so many people in their bathrobes or pajamas and even the occasional person who had questionable modesty standards. It was pretty bizarre. On Saturday Sister C and I went on member splits for the full day. There are two girls in our ward who have been considering putting in their papers so we did a full day of missionary work with them to help them understand a little bit about what we do on a normal day. Both girls did really well and seemed to really enjoy it. During our companionship studies I told my little companion "Okay so we're going to be doing knocking and bus contacting." "Are we allowed to do that?" "Not have to be uh sneaky." She looked mortified when I told her that, but it was fine:) In fact she was a champ! It was so fun to work with someone who has that greenie fire. It actually really helped me remember how much fun missions are and how blessed I am to be serving a mission.
On Friday Sister C made me this black bean soup, she's been talking about it for a while and said, "You're going to think it looks disgusting, but I promise it's good." Well, she started throwing things in our blender and it didn't super appetizing. We also grilled up some tortillas and cut up an avocado. Sidenote: For New Year's Elder's Leon and Meza gave me a calender of Orphans from Peru, because they know I love all the orphans in the whole world. So, we're sitting there eating our blended black bean soup and tortillas and I'm looking at the Orphans so I say to Sister C "Why can't we ever just have like a salad or something?" I really did feel like an orphan from Nacho Libre eating my bean stew and tortilla. It was awesome. I don't even know if that will be funny or just weird:) Maybe you had to be there.
The best news of this whole week was that we were able to see Chris!!!! I don't know if any of you remember him or why seeing him merits four exclamation points. Chris was someone I found with my companion in January and he was AMAZING! Then in February his parents passed away in a car accident. Ever since then he's been really hard to get into contact with (as you can imagine, right?). This week we texted him and said, "So what day are we going to see you this week?" And he actually set up an appointment. Well, we were running a little late to the appointment so I called to tell him we would be a few minutes late and he said he totally forgot we were coming and left his house to go to the grocery store, but he told us to wait because he would be back soon. So we waited and waited and about 50 minutes after our appointment was supposed to start he got home. He apologized profusely and then told us that he has been forgetting EVERYTHING lately. He said he actually has a friend who comes and helps him cook because he forgets to eat, and turn off the oven, etc. I think because the whole thing with his parents has been so traumatic, it's like he has zero short term memory. He couldn't really even remember anything we taught him before except for the Celestial Kingdom. So, we started from ground zero with him. He told us that he has been working around 60 hour weeks since his parents passed away so he took his BOM to work. He said his co-workers would always ask, "what is that?" and he told them it was his "bible". Well one day he said he came back to his desk and his book mark had been moved and his co-worker told him, "I'm so sorry! I was reading your Bible and I couldn't remember where your bookmark was." He told us that since then another person has started reading it too! So now he has 3 bookmarks in his work copy of the BOM. How cool is that?We also set up a return appointment already and he told us to call him like two hours before to remind him. Please pray for him.
Yesterday in church someone was giving a talk on the temple and she used Alma 34:32 " For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors." It really hit me that this scripture isn't talking about going to school or landing our dream job or cleaning our house every saturday (mom and dad...kidding!) But it's about making sure that we are doing the work required of each of us to enter back into the presence of our Father in Heaven. Their labors means temple ordinances. I literally dream about  the day when I can enter into the Lord's house again and do that work for those who have passed on. This is the time for us to prepare to meet our God and we can only do so by going to the Temple often enough that can understand who we are. .I hope that you are making temple attendance a priority. I have a strong testimony that the temple can help us overcome anything. We can't expect the help of our Father without first going to His house. Yesterday we taught Jeffrey about the Temple and I showed him my recommend and he said, "I want that recommend! What do I have to do to get that one?" I hope you view your temple recommend as something that you would do anything for and even better I hope you're using it. I testify that if you make temple attendance a priority no challenge will be to great, because in the eternal scheme of things tout ira bien:)
Thank you so much for your love and support. Your letters and your packages! Your examples and advice. I love you all and I can't believe how time is slipping away! I hope you have a great week and a happy May 1st!
Bisous Bisous!
Sister Perkins
Image 2375: Sista Perkins and Sista Jenn:)
Image 2374: Sista Chadburn and Sista Morgan
Image 2367: Orphans Meal
2358: Last week for P-day we went to the Canadian Museum of Civilization. We had a ton of the Childrens museum:)
2313: Elder Meza wearing and Aboriginal luchador mask
2327: Sista C and I modeling with our scary Aboriginal friend. I was so scared one of these guys was going to come to life and grab me

Monday, April 23, 2012

No this title is not a fluke! We woke up this morning to about two inches of snow! I couldn't believe my eyes! Snow! In April! We haven't even had snow here in over a month and now it's everywhere! Oh my goodness...snow. It's actually been really pretty but don't tell anyone I said that, my reputation is at stake here.
This week was better! Thank you so much for your prayers and your words of encouragement. I feel like things are certainly turning around. Well, they have to you can't get any worse than zero progressing investigators:) Yay! I feel like things are really going to turn around this week. We're going to have an Alma experience:)
Last week I went on splits with Sister Ariiotima in Gatineau. It was so nice to be back in my old greenie area! I was so happy to see that little city and visit some of the old members We decided that are whole split we were only going to talk in French/Spanish. It actually went really well I learned a lot more French and realized my Spanish isn't half bad either. Sister Ariiotima is probably one of the funniest Sisters in the entire mission we had a blast together. As soon as my companion and her companion left she turned to me and said "Okay Sister Perkins, let's go swimming." Obviously we didn't go swimming, but we did go knocking and we even found an old contact that I had knocked into when I was in Gatineau 5 months ago. She instantly recognized me and gave me a huge hug. I wish I could tell you she wanted to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ this time, but she didn't. However, we did have a good contact and she said she would read the restoration pamphlet.  Planting seeds. It was good to be in Gatineau. Almost as good as being home...Almost.
I don't know if I mentioned this before but Sister Chadburn is from Colorado and as you well know I'm from Utah. Sooo, for some reason a lot of Canadians think that my companion and I are from the wild west. Like John Wayne wild west. Candians have this crazy idea that we walk around in the states waving guns in the air. These are the things we hear: "I heard that in Colorado you can shoot anyone who walks onto your property." "They just barely made it illegal to wave a gun in the banks in the states." "Did you know there are more guns in the state of Texas, than there are people in the United States." "I heard everyone has a gun in the states." "My parents won't let me go to the states, they said it's not safe there." We were at breakfast the morning with our less active and his dad and I jokingly said, "Yeah, Colorado and Utah are right out of a Clint Eastwood movie." He looked at me with horror, "Really!? I've heard that." So, I think that I'm going to start telling people crazy things like that my dad is a sheriff and that my family owns a saloon. Also, if you could send me a cowboy hat  and a holster, I think that would help. Really? Really?! Oh Canada.
In other news...our little Shu-ling went back to China this week:( It was terribly sad. I think that's one of the worst parts of being on a mission, saying good-bye to all of our friends. But don't worry we already planned a trip for her Jeffrey, and William to come visit in Utah:)
I hope all is well back home, because apprently you could easily get shot there with the amount of guns floating around in the states. Make sure to stay away from all stagecoaches and make sure to wear your spurs. Okay, okay. Seriously have a really great week. Remember that I love you and that I'm praying for each of you individually.
Giddy up little doggies!
Sister Perkins

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is here!

Hello everybody!
How has your week been? I can't believe another week has flown by! I also can't believe we're this far through the month of April. Time is flying at such a rapid rate that every now and then I get a little dizzy just thinking about it. This week again has been interesting with enough ups and downs to make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster. But we carry on. Everyday and with a smile:)
The weather here is getting warm and happy again. I feel so lucky, I love good weather and we finally have some to rave about here in Canada. Oh my goodness it is so nice to go outside without a coat/scarf/gloves/boots/7 layers of clothes. I feel slightly liberated:) It's been nice to feel warm rays and know that spring has finally made it's little debut. I've been watching the buds on the trees and the little flowers popping their little heads out and it makes me so happy. There really isn't anything better than a beautiful spring day!
This week we had a lesson with Robert and we decided to give him three options of different lessons. One of them being the movie "Mountain of the Lord". I can honestly tell you that I was convinced that I had seen this movie. I even told everyone in the room, "This is a really good movie!" With enthusiasm. Well about 15 minutes in, a bad Joseph Smith wig and 3 bad special effects later I can tell you I was feeling pretty ridiculous. I realized that no where in my life had I ever seen this movie and now that I had, I never wanted to see it again. I know that I should probably say that all church movies are good, but let me tell you something this one was bad. It was like the Book of Mormon movie all over again. Not only was it terrible but it was so incredibly boring that our poor member (Shu-ling) was nearly comatose by the end. Needless to say we will not be showing that one again:)
Yesterday we had a lesson with Jeffrey the new and improved recently baptized version. He's so incredible! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with him and talked a little bit about temples. There are so many moments as a missionary while teaching that I feel like I'm the one being taught. My mission has been a tender mercy in helping me really understand the plan of Salvation. Yesterday I felt so grateful to remember that the Plan of Salvation is individual. I watched as Jeffrey told us the importance of going to the Celestial kingdom and how we will be able to be with our family for the eternities because of Jesus Christ. Every person no matter their circumstance, who they've been or who they are have the ability to repent because as it says in Alma 42 "this time is granted unto men to repent, yea, a probationary time, a time to repent and serve God". It's truly a gift to repent and it's always possible to change through and only through the power of the Atonement. Never forget you are loved and even more so you are watched over. Because the Lord paid the price He will never forsake you even when you feel you've strayed too far. Remember you are precious in His sight.
Thank you for your love and your continued support. I couldn't do this without you. All of you.
Sister Perkins

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello my beautiful family and friends!
I hope everyone had a happy Easter inspite of flu bugs and finals. Our week had really high highs and really low lows. Welcome to missionary work, right? We currently have 2 investigators. Everyone else has either gone home for the summer or is M.I.A. My goodness it was a discouraging week, but thank heavens I have a great companion who never lets a day go by without making me laugh! We have certainly used humor to fight our disappointments. However, the Lord always sends miracles to those who serve him.
Our Easter weekend was nothing short of mission perfection. We had a baptism on Friday for our beloved Jeffrey! Oh my goodness I love that little guy so much! When I was in Gatineau I thought "No one could ever steal my heart quite like Hatians." Now that I'm here in Ottawa I feel that way about the Chinese they are the cutest things. Jeffrey was also confirmed yesterday which made our Easter Sunday perfect. I can't even describe the glow that surround him through church he was literally beaming. William told me yesterday "Sister Perkins you look perfect today."
"Oh thank you, William."
Jeffrey: "Yes. We (William, Jeffrey, and Jie Liu) decided you look like a flight attendent. Which airline do you work for?" (followed by three little stinkers laughing) All day they kept asking me for drinks and snacks. I'm glad they are so funny:)
I think last week I wrote about this boy named Kyle that gave me his number on the bus. So, my companion talked me into calling him. Actually desperation for new investigators talked me into calling him. Everyone needs to hear the message, right?:) So I called. He was stunned that I actually called him. I told him I was only actually calling because I was a missionary for my church and if he like we would love to share a message with him about God and Jesus Christ. "So, you only called because you want to teach me about God?" "Um yep." "I can't believe I did this." So, needless to say he is not a new investigator:)
Tuesday was insane. Really it was one of those days where anything and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. I'm sure it only seemed that way because we've had weeks of rejection and talk about our area closing. But we visited a recent convert named Nicole. We love this girl so dearly. I think I mentioned this last week, but Nicole is fighting cancer. And I mean fighting it. She doesn't let it get her down. We went over to her house to help her out because she just had surgery and she was not doing well at all. She had a temperature of 102 and she felt like some of her stitches had burst. There were all other kinds of issues her water was turned off because the city of Ottawa was doing construction outside of her apartment, She had no liquids in her house for her to drink, no food she could really eat, etc. It was bad. So we called the ZL's who brought over some liquids and gave her a blessing they were also kind enough to move our car which had been in one hour parking for 2 hours. Well, about 20 minutes after they left Nicole told us that she needed to get to a hospital ASAP. So we called President and he told us to get her there. So, I went to get the car (breaking white handbook rules our of necessity) and my companion stayed with Nicole. Big problem I could not figure out for the life of me which street the Elders parked our car on. By the time I found the car Nicole had already called Sister C to call an ambulance. So as the paramedics are loading her up on the gurney her neighbor comes out and says, "where is Nicole going?" I thought you've got to be kidding me. I thought it looked pretty obvious. And then she asks "Why didn't Nicole tell me she was going to the hospital?" I looked at this lady like she was completely loco. Mostly because I felt like both of these questions were super obvious. So we followed the ambulance to the hospital and tried to find parking. Wouldn't you know it that in Canada they charge you $3.50 for every half hour you park at the hospital. So in essence it's cheaper to ride in an ambulance because then you don't have to pay for parking. Well, we finally found parking and ran up to meet Nicole in the ER. She was a trooper and kept being so positive. Once we got her more settled with the nurses and doctors and her boyfriend showed up Sister C and I decided we should probably head out since we were just in the way at this point. Before we left I pulled out a bottle of ginger ale (her favorite drink) that I grabbed for our little chica on the way out. The problem was it decided to leak all over my BOM. No good, rotten, very bad day. And THEN we walked out to our car feeling tired and worn and do you know what we found? A parking ticket. Thank you, Ottawa. We decided it would be a good idea to go home and eat before we got struck by lightning or a piano fell on our heads and I'm not going to lie that was bad too. I stained my white shirt, Sister C melted our spatula. We called our "investigators" and no one had time for us or didn't answer. It was just a rotten day. As you can imagine the next morning I woke up not really wanting to get out of bed. But I did the routine excercising, shower, breakfast, scripture study all of the while pleading with my Father in Heaven to lift this dark cloud of worry that seemed to be culminating. And wouldn't you know it, He did. While I was doing my studies from my ginger soaked book I read Alma 26:27 which says, "Now when our hearts were depressed, an we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." That was exactly what I needed to hear from my Father in Heaven. Has our area flourished over night, No. But I don't think that's what I need. I just needed to know that he hears me. And I can testify that no matter how rotten your day may be, he hears you. And in those quite moments where it's just you and Him he will show you tender mercies if you just look.
I hope that this helped someone. I also hope that you are getting healthy and are keeping your heads above water. Remember that I love you so dearly. Remember that the Lord is always there and that no matter how dark the hour may seem, the sun will always shine tomorrow:)
I love you.
Sister Perkins
P.s. If you could please do us a favor? Please pray for my companion and I to find those who are ready to accept this message. We are getting the members of our ward to choose a time every day to pray for us and for investigators. Set it on your watch, your phone, whatever it takes. Please and thank you:)

Monday, April 2, 2012

David Who??

Hello everyone!
It looks like everyone has been busy sprucing up their lives for spring! I'm excited to see (in a year) your new and improved homes. Beautiful! It actually makes me really sad. I miss painting and decorating:( Boo! Pero, es la vida de una misionera:) So everything here has been pretty good, it's starting to warm up again and.....we have a baptism this weekend!!! Little Jeffrey will be a member the same day the church was organized AND he's getting confirmed on Easter Sunday!!! Whooooot! We're pretty exciting.

Let's be honest... this last week was rough. We're having a really hard time picking up new investigators in this area. I think we're too scary...actually no. Sidenote: This last week I got on the bus and I smiled at this random kid, because that's what you do as a missionary, right? Well, he must've missed the name tag because before he got off the bus he handed me a note that said "You should have come and said hi. Text me sometime." I nearly died of laughter. So some prayers would be really helpful. However, we've been having a lot of success in this area with less active work. Actually we've been able to get some less actives at church who haven't been in ages.If there was anything I could change about missionary work it would be numbers. I understand why they exist but I still wish they didn't. That's the end of that rant.

Today my companion and I were on the bus with the stinkiest people. So the bus that goes to our house stops in front of an Asian market and these people got on with bags of the worst smelling fish ever. We wanted to die. Actually we wanted to tell them about the gospel and then die. it was the worst.

Okay to answer your questions: No I did not see David Archuleta in the MTC choir. I'm sorry. But I'm glad he was the highlight of everyone's conference experience:) kidding! Wasn't conference amazing? I felt like every single talk applied to me in one way or another. I was called to repentance to be sure. But it was sooo goood! This missionaries that attend the Prince of Wales chapel (i.e. Sister Chadburn and I, Elders Meza and Shaver, and Elders Anderson and Blank) had a dinner appointment with a few of the Spanish families in this area in between sessions of conference. It was pretty much the best D.A. They told us to bring some investigators, but Sister C and I were the only ones who did. Yep, we brought Jeffrey and William. They wanted to feed us massive amounts of food. Plus they kept paying me and my companion excessive compliments. Mom, they even said my Spanish was good! And that my accent was good! I thought, "Man I want to stay here forever." They loved us.

I really loved President Uchtdorf's talk. I think he had really good insight especially for a Sister Missionary who's been a little frustrated with people who don't want to progress:) One of the things that stood out to me the most was when he said "It is easy to love those who love us, even the wicked can do that." That really struck a chord with me. True disciples of the Savior should love EVERYONE. Even the guy who brings stinky fish on the bus. Even the mean bus drivers, even the investigator who NEVER returns your phone calls. It also reminded me of what I kind of talked about last week. If the quality of our heart is humility, love and patience we can love everyone. I've been continuing in my BOM reading highlight the word :"heart" everytime I come across it and it really struck me this morning, the prophets and the Lord never talk about a "change of mind". It's always a change of heart. A change of mind is more temporary while a change of heart it something that takes time and effort. This is something that I've committed myself to work on.

I hope you all have a great week and find a nice sunny patch of sunshine somewhere:)

Sister Perkins