Monday, March 11, 2013

 We heart attacked one of our little friends. Look how awesome my Hagrid hair is. If I can't find a job after the mission maybe I could just be the game keeper for Hogwarts?

We went to get sushi for one of the Sister's birthdays. Yeah try ordering Sushi in French. 

I remember a while back listening to President counsel a Sister who was going home soon. He said, "At the end of your mission your body has nothing left to give. You have to solely rely on the spirit to keep you moving." He's right. My body is telling me to stop, but with a lot of spiritual help we keep moving on. 

This week was great as they so often are and this one  was filled with a lot of praying, as they often are, but for some reason I feel like I need to share two specific experience from the week. 

On Friday night we did our normal nightly planning. In this area it's pretty easy to plan because we mostly knock. We picked an area and a specific road we wanted to knock. Then we had a companionship prayer and asked that if the area wasn't right that the Lord would direct us elsewhere. The next day we arrived on the road after about 1000 different things going wrong and it felt wrong. We stood there looking at each other. And then out of the corner of my eye about a mile away I could see this building. "Let's go there." So we started walking and ended up just walking down this random street and picked the first building we saw the first door we knocked on this man from Cameroon opened and let us in. We had an amazing first lesson and he kept remarking on the spirit that he felt. He took the Book of Mormon with so much sincerity and was so thrilled that we were coming back. 

What this experience reminded me is that our plans are not always the best ones.But the Lord has the big plan and if we do as Alma directs to "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings" we will never really be lost but will find that the Lord has already prepared the path before us. 

The second experience happened over the course of many days.On Monday Sister May and I went to get our groceries from a store that is about a ten minute walk from our house, you have to walk over a freeway over pass and some other shops. On the way home, with all of our groceries and a blizzard raging  I realized in a panic that my tag was not on my coat. So we spent the next while retracing our steps and found nothing. I was heart broken. It might be hard to understand, but as a missionary your tag is more than just another article that you wear everyday, it's a tangible reminder of who you are and what the Savior did for you. In my little pity walk back to our apartment I prayed that my tag would be found by someone who would have a kind heart. I even thought maybe someone would find it and decide to look up the church and maybe even get baptized:) but at the end of my prayer I prayed that whatever the Lord wanted to happen with that little tag would be done and that I could be happy without it. I felt a lot better. 

On Friday Sister May and I were walking past the same store to go knocking at some apartments near the store. As we walked by Sister May stopped and in shock said, "Your TAG!" There it was covered in mud from the melted snow. I was so happy and felt like a part of me had come home. I wrapped it in a tissue and later that night I washed that little tag until it shone again. Sister May called it my "Prodigal Tag". It might seem weird or corny but  this experience reminded of two things,  if something is important to us, it is important to the Lord. He knew that tag had sentimental importance. Another thing it reminded me of is that when we submit to the will of the Lord we are blessed. Even if that blessing is as simple as finding your missionary tag in a patch of melted snow. I know you're sitting there in your chair thinking that I'm a little off my rocker, but I know that the Lord uses these silly little experience to prepare us to recognize His hands in the much more important ones. 

I hope you have a beautiful week. As for me I will be soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of Quebec. 

I love you.

Bisous Bisous
Soeur Perkins

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